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Automotive PR

Our automotive PR agency team have many years of experience managing public relations and events for OEM car and motorcycle brands. We work with numerous automotive clients on their PR strategy, including creating and distributing press releases, working with journalists and influencers, managing product launches, identifying brand ambassadors, and activating events or stunts to drive earned media interest.

As the lines between public relations and content marketing blur, our automotive marketing agency services extend to include in-house content creation teams, including videographers, photographers, copywriters, and graphic designers, to ensure that we have the tools at hand to create efficient PR campaigns designed to reach your target audience. We manage social media for many clients, which includes vital aspects of reputation management and positive brand communications.

We have a wealth of experience working for numerous brands across the automotive and motorcycle industries, including McLaren Automotive, Harley-Davidson, Livewire, Triumph Motorcycles, and Peugeot. Some of our past endeavours and case studies have included putting David Beckham and his friends on custom Triumph motorcycles on his tour of Brazil, facilitating motorcycle land speed records with Guy Martin and working with Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger on the press and media activities for the launch of the ARCH Motorcycle KRGT-1. We have also been responsible for many product placements in blockbuster movies.

We manage global press events and can quickly assemble a team of 50+ subject matter experts to facilitate automotive media launch events, from drivers and riders to technicians and vehicle detailers. We have delivered numerous global product launch events serving over 150 journalists in multiple waves. Our knowledge and experience allow us to understand the specific needs of journalists and influencers. Our approach to content creation, press pack creation, media interviews, and media portals ensures that we consistently achieve exceptional media coverage. Similarly, our detailed planning and execution of events mean that your guests will be managed with utmost care and precision.  

Public relations often requires delicate skills such as crisis communications or corporate communications. Our team is well-versed in managing these speed bumps to ensure your brand is professionally represented. Our work spans all corners of the industry, from mainstream volume brands to luxury brand management.  

Beyond events, we work with an extensive database of journalists and influencers, ensuring that we reach the core audience for both automotive and motorcycle brands alike. We use various monitoring and reporting tools to manage PR effectiveness. Our PR services and specialist skills in the automotive industry mean that we can provide highly effective solutions for large or small brands.

Drop us a line to discuss your automotive PR brief.

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