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Brand Design

Once we have established a clear and winning brand strategy, our design team is set to work on the visual identity and the brand guidelines.

Creating a distinctive visual identity in a competitive marketplace is crucial. Finding the correct design elements that speak to the target audience is a core part of our services. Our design team has a wealth of experience creating the look, feel, logos, fonts and colour palettes for numerous businesses. And beyond the visual assets is setting the right tone of voice to ensure that all communications are consistent and authentic to the brand DNA.

Being a specialist automotive marketing agency means that we understand the marketplace. We are always looking at the automotive industry to see who is making great strides and cutting through the clutter.

Our process for developing Brand Design is quite simple:

1.    Competitive set overview – understand how everyone else presents themselves

2.    Define colourways and fonts that best speak to the target audience

3.    Create logo devices which can work across product applications and all communication channels

4.    Define the tone of voice

5.    Develop example brand assets for applications such as social media, print, websites, events, etc

6.    Create a set of brand guidelines with rules/examples of application and usage 

A few samples of our work

Our in-house team of designers work on branding projects, large or small.  If you would like to discuss your automotive brand design requirements, give us a call, and we will be delighted to help.

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