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Social Media Management

Our automotive social media team operates across multiple clients and applies their industry and platform expertise to significant effect.  As the social media universe becomes ever more varied and complex with new platforms and changing audience demographics, it is essential to have a marketing agency partner who can navigate the most effective strategies to raise awareness, reach new consumers, and stay ahead of trends.

Social Media Planning

One of the fundamentals of our approach is to have a detailed plan.  We typically plan content a minimum of one month ahead to ensure that we have the right balance of messages that align with the brand strategy and that we can create compelling stories.  Our approach ensures that our work is backed up with solid metrics.  Understanding the cause and effect of actions to optimise and improve is critical to a strong marketing campaign.

Understanding the target audience, their media behaviour, their hobbies and interests, and their levels of engagement are core to our principles.  It is very easy to create a large following but the optics of large numbers versus the effectiveness of laser laser-pointed targeting need to be understood. 

We use various tools to ensure that our clients have full visibility of the shared plan and can provide feedback and grant approvals.  Working in this manner ensures that the team works highly collaboratively with full client engagement.

High-Quality Content

A core goal of our approach is to generate website traffic and fully integrate the various marketing channels.  This includes a major focus on blog posts using our copywriters for high-quality search engine optimisation which can in turn be deployed across social networks.   

The automotive marketing agency team deploy posts and campaigns across all social media platforms.  Their automotive industry expertise means that they are highly skilled at creating campaigns that reach car buyers and motorcycle buyers alike.  We focus on maintaining a consistent brand tone of voice to best represent the brand personality.  

Our in-house photography and videography team is deployed to capture content and ensure that we have relevant stories for each market and segment.  Similarly, our graphic design team apply their skills to make posts attractive and engaging.  

Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns

We work with automotive clients across multiple markets on paid digital campaigns.  This could be raising brand awareness or demand creation through META or running education videos or pre-rolls on YouTube.  Paid social is vital in increasing audience size and generating business results. We blend social media paid campaigns with other digital and programmatic platforms to ensure that our media strategy is fully integrated and performs to the highest level.

Community Management

Social media is about two-way dialogue, building relationships, gathering feedback, creating an identity, growing loyalty, and developing a brand’s personality.  Creating higher levels of engagement is essential for brand performance.  Our team works with brand owners to ensure that they are fully briefed to respond to questions, comments, and even complaints.  We use high levels of experience and diligence to ensure that a brand is always professionally represented online, with reputational management at the core.

Reporting and Metrics

As with any digital media, understanding the data is key to success.  We always subscribe to the ethos that marketing must be accountable for business results.  We encourage the setting of social media goals and objectives.  We scrutinise data with the objective of always improving on previous performance.  We use various tools dependent on a client’s requirements to provide social media metrics to demonstrate success.

The We Are Nameless team are here to help develop your social media presence and activity.  Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your automotive social media brief.

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