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We Are Nameless Partners with Skoot to Become Carbon-Neutral

The We Are Nameless Automotive Marketing Agency team have proudly partnered with Skoot, an award-winning climate change platform. This collaboration marks a significant step for the business, as we commit to offsetting our carbon footprint and become a fully carbon-neutral operation.

Skoot’s unique platform utilises cutting-edge technology to measure, manage and mitigate the carbon emissions associated with various business activities. Their speciailised tools mean we’re able to analyse our carbon footprint, calculating the emissions generated by our day-to-day operations to ultimately understand how to neutralise these emissions.

Partnering with Skoot means as an organisation, we have taken a huge step towards becoming a sustainable company, marking our commitment to responsible business practices and prioritising sustainability. As of today, every photoshoot, event and day-to-day operation is now completely offset, making We Are Nameless a carbon-neutral operation.

As the automotive sector evolves, we’re proud to set a new standard for environmental consciousness, and by leveraging Skoot’s expertise, we aim to inspire other businesses in the industry and beyond take similar steps to carbon neutrality.  

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