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Capturing The Conversations That Matter: Brego x We Are Nameless

In the fast-paced world of automotive technology, where innovation is the key to staying ahead, Brego stands out as the pinnacle of precision and accuracy in vehicle valuations. Recently, We Are Nameless partnered with Brego to capture the essence of their groundbreaking AI-driven services in a captivating video series.

Brego, led by CEO and co-founder Simon Hunt, is at the forefront of automotive valuation, as the most accurate vehicle valuations provider in the UK. The company's core strength lies in its advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, which not only determines current, historic, and future car valuations but also provides tools to predict depreciation and residual values.

The scope of Brego's expertise extends across the automotive spectrum, valuing everything from rare collector's cars to mass-market vehicles and even futuristic concepts that haven't hit the roads yet. Their clientele includes car finance and leasing companies, car dealerships, motor insurers, auto manufacturers, and fleet services, showcasing the universal appeal and reliability of their services.

We Are Nameless collaborated with Brego to produce a series of short videos. The focus was on Brego's CEO, Simon Hunt, who took centre stage to discuss the intricacies of Brego's services. The goal was to create engaging content for LinkedIn, tapping into the platform's vast professional network to connect with an expanding audience.

The videos not only shed light on the cutting-edge technology powering Brego's services but also added a human touch to the otherwise tech-driven narrative. By featuring Simon Hunt, the co-founder, the series aimed to showcase the passion and dedication behind Brego's commitment to accuracy and excellence, bridging the gap between AI-powered business and reality.

As automotive marketing specialists, the collaboration with We Are Nameless extends beyond video production, assisting Brego with PR, advertising, and marketing strategy. This holistic approach ensures that Brego's message reaches the right audience through various channels, solidifying its position as a leader in the vehicle valuations industry.

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