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A new automotive marketing client win - Andersen EV

We are delighted to be working with Andersen EV who design and manufacture the pinnacle of electric vehicle home chargers.

The We Are Nameless automotive marketing agency team will be delivering a comprehensive set of services to help Andersen succeed. Our services will include digital marketing, advertising, target audience identification and analysis, brand strategy development, social media management, event planning and execution, and strategic partnerships and collaborations. Our goal is to reach out across the automotive industry with campaigns to raise brand awareness, drive demand, and achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

British based Andersen EV were recently purchased by EVIOS PLC. The brand focuses on the luxury and premium EV home charging solutions where innovation and aesthetics play a critical role. Uniquely, the Andersen A2 charger offers the possibility of over 90 different colour and material finishes therefore enabling consumers the option to truly compliment the style of their property.

2023 will be a year of growth as the agency works with the Andersen leadership team on creating B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Part of the plan will be to target automotive brands who are seeking best in class products to meet their discerning customer's needs. This is especially true when the entire automotive industry is seeking ways to differentiate and provide even closer relationships with their clients. The ability to work with multiple premium automotive sector brands on further personalisation opportunities will also be part of the strategy too.

So, another great client win for the We Are Nameless team as we further expand our client portfolio and our automotive marketing services.

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