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Creating 'Hot Takes' videos for Loopit

The We Are Nameless creative team have been working on a series of short format 'Hot takes' videos for our car subscription software client, Loopit.

The brief was to raise the awareness and understanding of car subscription to car dealerships, leasing companies, and rental companies. Shot at our Braunston offices and presented by National Sales Manager Matt Blake, the videos use car subscription news from around the world to help communicate the benefits for enterprises to turn their attentions to this growing trend.

Car subscription is growing at rapid pace as consumers switch from ownership to usership. The idea of subscription is also boosted by the change to electric vehicles. Many consumers want to 'try before they buy' meaning they can enter a very short-term agreement without the need for a deposit and experience diverse types of cars. Brands such as ONTO offer a range of different brands therefore enabling consumers to find the right EV for them without long-term commitments.

The growing trend for consumers to switch to a more flexible model has been amplified during the pandemic which had led to greater working from home and employer flexibility. The ability to enter a short-term contract with complete flexibility allows users to change their mileage parameters to meet their needs. Why sign up to one vehicle for 4 years with a fixed mileage contract when you can have the utmost in flexibility?

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