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We Are Nameless delivers the first UK public event for leading EV manufacturer BYD

It's been a hectic week around the We Are Nameless headquarters. A new brand launch, a new car launch, and the start of an events programme with premier electric vehicle manufacturer BYD.

Many people have never heard of BYD, despite the fact that they are the world's third most valuable automobile brand! Founded in 1995 as a battery producer, the company is unique in that it designs and manufactures all components of the electric car engine. No other car manufacturer can lay claim to that honour.

The We Are Nameless automotive marketing agency team planned, designed, and delivered the brand's first public event at Fully Charged Live in Farnborough, having previously launched the brand to the media with a press drive event in the Cotswolds for the UK automotive journalists.

Fully Charged Live is an exciting event showcasing recent advances in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and sustainable technology. The Farnborough 2023 event programme began and provided an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages interested in the newest advances in green energy. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge products and services, participate in interactive demos, and listen to educational speeches from industry professionals.

The creative team worked on several designs to best display the BYD brand. The goal was to design and produce a show stand system that could be utilised for several events in the coming years, with the option to quickly upscale the size of the stand when needed.

Hundreds of guests were attracted to the BYD brand, which took centre stage. With its inaugural public preview event, the new BYD Dolphin made its European debut for the first time. Guests formed queues to arrange test drives in the new BYD ATTO 3 C Segment SUV.

The agency team was also in charge of staffing, test drive experiences, and logistics connected with a large event.

The event was a tremendous success for BYD UK since the brand gained a lot of traffic and highly favourable feedback. The second Fully Charged Live event will take place towards the end of May in Harrogate, with visitors having the opportunity to test drive the recently introduced BYD ATTO3. The automotive marketing agency team will once again be on hand to deliver the event and provide an endless supply of content.

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