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BYD SEAL Press Launch Event - Another successful EV Launch for We Are Nameless

The We Are Nameless Automotive Marketing Agency team recently had an incredibly busy few months designing and executing the press launch of the remarkable new BYD SEAL. This high-performance saloon can go from 0-60mph in just 3.8 seconds, making it an impressive feat of engineering. However, the challenge was to showcase its power and all-wheel-drive handling in a safe and controlled environment in November in the UK. Moreover, the brief also required finding a destination that was unique and had not yet been used for a press event.

Our team devised an ingenious solution by taking over 40 media guests, 20 Dealer investors, 30 Fleet customers, and over 60 sales staff, along with a handful of influencers, to Cockermouth in the Lake District, to the home of M-Sport. M-Sport, led by Malcolm Wilson OBE, is well-known for creating world championship rally cars, and their new facility at Dovensby Hall is a true masterclass for delivering spectacular events. The private test circuit provided a challenging and dynamic space to test the limits of the SEAL safely. Moreover, the facility boasts a huge showroom that provided a dedicated BYD experience for the media, and a fantastic venue to host dinners. Just as crucial was the quality of the local roads, which provided breathtaking scenery, coupled with a variety of A roads, B roads, and dual carriageways.

The Lake District (and M-Sport) also provided the perfect destination for content capture. As the video and pictures show, our Content Creation Team produced some fabulous images and videos to support the media and also the marketing of the BYD SEAL.

The response from the media to the BYD SEAL press launch event has been incredible. Our automotive event team can be very proud of executing a unique experience for the media that gave the BYD SEAL the launch it deserved. We are thrilled to have been a part of this memorable event and look forward to helping more businesses achieve their marketing goals in the future.

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