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We Are Nameless now working with Loopit

We're pleased to announce that we're now working with!

Providing mobility software solutions for automakers, dealerships and new mobility providers. Loopit powers car subscription, rideshare and modern fleet rental management solutions for the automotive industry.

Australia’s leading mobility platform, introduces its award-winning technology to the UK automotive sector to open new opportunities in the fast-growing car subscription space. Loopit now launches its versatile ‘subscription-as-a-service’ solution in the UK to make implementing a car subscription service an easy and viable proposition for many businesses in the automotive industry.

Its entry to the UK unleashes exciting potential for automotive retail and rental businesses, presenting new, potentially very profitable, subscription-based revenue streams, with Loopit providing a turnkey solution developed to “level the playing field for the car subscription industry.”

Loopit enjoys huge success in Australia and New Zealand, with its super-agile cloud-based platform that has proven to be a game changer across many spheres of the automotive sector. Automotive manufacturers, car dealerships and rental companies, as well as rideshare services and emerging new mobility players, are all reaping the rewards of introducing car subscription services ‘powered by Loopit’.

Loopit’s market share in Australia is significant, powering over 80% of car subscription providers which represent over 500 individual dealer franchises using the platform, and continues to experience tremendous growth since officially launching in Australia in 2019. This successful track record in Australia and New Zealand in less than three years, is gaining Loopit recognition on a global scale.

Independent research into the car subscription business model supports this. Boston Consulting Group forecasts that the car subscription market in Europe and the US could reach $30 billion to $40 billion by 2030 equating to 15% of new car sales. Some forecasts predict this figure could be as high as 40% of new car sales. It is a key reason why many OEMs have adopted subscription services, and many more are braced to follow.

Loopit’s complete subscription solution provides a viable way for automotive partners in the UK to be agile and adapt to this trend with ease, allowing them to explore new market segments. Dealerships and rental companies, for example, can make best use of fleet or stock assets as part of new recurring subscription schemes. The growing trend for rideshare services also gives providers all the tools to flourish.

Best described as a ‘subscription in a box’, Loopit’s platform provides an end-to-end secure (fully encrypted) solution, including recurring billing, KYC management, vehicle tracking and reporting. Easy to integrate, it is also highly configurable for a more personalised experience. While the solution is B2B driven, a key feature of the platform is its ‘consumer-friendly’ interface, for a seamless end-customer experience. Loopit provides the software, consulting, training and services needed to integrate the subscription solution into existing business websites.

Automotive Marketing Agency, We Are Nameless, are working on their PR strategy to support the growth of the business in Europe.

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