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A new client win - specialist electric car insurer, Novo Insurance.

We are delighted to be working with leading specialists in electric car insurance, Novo, on their marketing and brand growth.

Novo Insurance is a premium provider of insurance products for electric cars, luxury cars, and supercars. The business has grown over the past few years by offering the most comprehensive insurance solutions blended with exceptional customer care.

Insuring an EV is not always as simple as it first appears. Many insurance providers offer very limited cover. Some may not offer any cover at all! Novo have captured the growth in the electric vehicle marketplace and have a suite of solutions designed specifically for the EV driver. One example of this can be evidenced in their vast fleet of electric courtesy cars. If someone is unfortunate and has an accident in their electric car, via Novo Incident Management, the business will offer a guaranteed like for like courtesy car meaning that the owner is not forced into a lesser fossil fuelled alternative.

Novo have a clear business growth strategy and We Are Nameless will be working with them to grow their brand awareness and capitalize on the expansion of the electric car marketplace.

More information can be found at

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