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New Client – EVIOS, the next generation of smart home charge points.

We are delighted to announce we are working with a brand new client EVIOS who are developing the next generation of smart home charge points. The We Are Nameless automotive marketing agency team will be working on a number of elements such as demand creation, partnerships, content creation, and social media.


EVIOS are launching the next generation of smart home charge points for all models of electric vehicles, and we were lucky enough to support their official launch which took place today 26th, April 2022 at the iconic Gherkin in London.

EVIOS is a newly formed British company that manufactures the smartest electric vehicle home charge point on the market. The brainchild of David Martell (founder and former CEO of Chargemaster), the new EVIOS One features an intuitive, jargon-free interface and smartphone app that allows users to configure the charge point to suit their needs and preferences – prioritising the price, sustainability or speed of each charge.

The EVIOS One can be paid for via interest-free monthly instalments, helping to make EV ownership a more viable option for more motorists. The EVIOS One is the first unit of its kind to offer multi-user functionality and PIN-controlled access, making it a very practical real-world option for shared residential or business parking areas, or homes with more than one EV.

The launch of this new advanced home charging product comes at a time when the government has announced that all new homes and refurbished apartment blocks must have charging points from later this year and that from 2030 all new cars must be electric. This will mean that the majority of the 10 million UK dwellings with driveways or associated parking areas are likely to be fitted with home chargers.

We look forward to working with the highly-experienced EVIOS team to bring this exciting new product to market.

The EVIOS One can be reserved now – More information can be found at

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