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We Are Nameless working with Moneyshake

We Are Nameless are excited to be working with Moneyshake, the car leasing comparison website, on their brand, marketing, and business growth strategies.

Moneyshake champion value for the consumer with the goal of finding the very best lease deal in the marketplace. Their technology platform provides customers with the tools to help them make the best purchase decisions. They are simplifying the new car purchase process by removing the typical pain points by bringing all the major brands, products and very best offers together in one place to save customers both time and money.

Rather than endlessly searching websites or dealers hoping to find the best deal, Moneyshake offer the most competitive leasing rates available in the marketplace from the UK’s leading providers. Their simple website filters mean that buyers can quickly discover the best car and finance solution to meet their specific needs. There is no need to negotiate or haggle prices down as Moneyshake have already done the hard work.

The company has enjoyed rapid growth over the past year despite the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. Changing consumer behaviours are driving more people online to make their purchase decisions bypassing the traditional route. The seismic rise in demand for electric vehicles is also a major contributing factor with both private and business consumers switching to leasing to avoid the uncertainties of future residual values. And, with new car offers from as little as just £120 per month, many typical used car buyers are now enjoying a brand-new vehicle too thanks to the benefits of personal leasing.

The business has aggressive growth plans which will see the launch of many new features and benefits over the coming months. We Are Nameless have been consulting on marketing and brand strategies that will unlock rapid growth as the business expands its awareness, reach, and customer base.

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